Breathe Right Advanced Nasal Strips

Help relieve nighttime nasal congestion with the latest innovation from Breathe Right! Breathe Right Advanced is specially designed to work with the anatomy of your nose. Its 4-point technology works on key touch points to open your nose more completely, and the special adhesive system holds the strip comfortably in place. Breathe better, sleep better, and feel better with drug-free Breathe Right Advanced!

Available in 2, 10, 26 & 44-count packages.

Breathe Right Advanced 4.3 5 2018 2020
Works great! I can't sleep throught the night without wearing a nose strip. I have had to wear these for a long time and they always help me get through the night with out any problems. I love them. May 25, 2012
I use these every night! I usually keep my wife awake at night with my very loud "angry bear weilding a chainsaw" as my wife so kindly puts it. LOL But ever since I started using these nose strips, not only does she get better sleep without all the noise, but I get much better sleep as well because I can actually BREATH at night now! I have tried many brands of nose strips, and they usually have one of 2 results. 1: They are not sticky enough, so the band in them meant to help open up the nose pulls the ends off of the nose. Or 2: the band is not stiff enough, so it stays stuck to the nose but it's not stiff enough to actually do anything. Breathe Right has perfected it so it is stiff enough AND stays stuck to your nose. You will not be disappointed with their strips. May 25, 2012
Question I use them for sport, and they have been falling off due to sweat on my face. Is there any way to get them to stick better or not come off due to sweat? thx! August 6, 2014
Most products are satisfactory.I have oily skin and even though I wash my nose prior I have oily skin and wash my nose prior to applying the "Clear Strips". During the night it looses it grip and then is ineffective. I have never had that problem with the "TAN" strips. I wish all of your products were made with the same adhesives as the "Tans" Any chance for change in the future? June 28, 2014
awsome drug free relief I will be buying this product not only for my self but also for my children.Perfect drug free relief.wish you had a vapor strip also..... June 16, 2014
Please fix what you broke. Your breathright strips used to work for me, the x-large. They are no longer available, either at store or on your website. Your X version is not long enough and I don't know why they are so wide now. Those modifications have not helped me given the smallness of my bridge. If you have any of the older version, X-Large Tan, left in inventory, could I get some? I do prefer the concept of oxygen entering through my nose v/s the mouth due to excessive dryness, etc., etc. My nose had been injured many years ago, however the insurance available to me does not allow for repairing a deviated septum, they indicate the procedure is cosmetic and therefore not covered. Help me please! Also, the adhesive is weaker now v/s the original version. June 14, 2014
I wil buy this After tying sample, I have went out and bought some. Only wish I had coupons though. Highly recommend this product. June 14, 2014
5 Excellent, effective and economical. I recommend these to anyone having trouble breathing at night. Thanks June 6, 2014
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