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How to Turn Your Stuffy Room Into a Tropical Paradise

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Don’t let dry, stuffy winter air get your down! Turn your room into a tropical paradise with these tips!

Even when the air outside is chilly, dry, or downright uncomfortable, you can still make your bedroom feel like a serene, breathable paradise. Here are nine easy ways to turn any stuffy space into a tropical oasis, so you’ll sleep like you’re on vacation every night! Now, close your eyes, picture your favorite beach, and drift into relaxation…

Easy Ways to Turn Your Room Into A Tropical Paradise

Add Some Air-Purifying Plants

Placing indoor plants in an unoccupied corner or a hanging one by a window can help absorb certain toxins and improve airflow. Bonus: the lush greenery will definitely add a tropical feel!

Create a Hydration Station

Keep a stylish, hotel-worthy tray with a pitcher of water and glasses on your bedside table, and you’ll always feel motivated to stay hydrated.

Wear Nasal Strips at Night

While plants and humidifiers can do wonders for breathable air, if you suffer from occasional nighttime nasal congestion, Breathe Right strips are an easy, comfortable, and drug-free way to open your nasal passages. Make sure you have a box of them on your bedside table to help you breathe easier and sleep better — you know, the way you would sleeping in a beautiful beach bungalow.

Bask in Some Peaceful Sounds

Use a white noise machine, sleep app, or custom playlist to play relaxing sounds, such as ocean waves, to help you mentally travel to a warm, lush landscape.

Burn Some Tropical Scented Candles

Light a candle that reminds you of your favorite getaway to bring a piece of that vacation back home. Think ocean air, coconut, basil, lemon, and tropical fruit scents.

Consider a Humidifier

If your house or apartment tends to get dry in the winter, consider buying a humidifier. The added moisture can help soothe your throat and skin, and will bring some serious rainforest vibes.

Add a Pop of Color

A colorful comforter or throw blanket is an easy way to make a bright statement. Whether you like palm trees, pineapples, sunny tones, or ocean waves, you’re sure to find a bedspread that will help bring the beach to you.

Find Some Nature-Inspired Accents

Small touches, like a bamboo rug, floral throw pillow, or bowl of seashells, will enhance your room’s tropical ambiance.

Do More With Less

Open space can minimize both dust and stress. Get rid of unnecessary furniture and accessories for a cleaner, airier, more relaxing room.