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3 Tips For Fighting Back Against Nasal Congestion in 2019

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Take control of your occasional congestion this year by following these 3 simple tips

If you’re tired of dealing with occasional nasal congestion at night — and honestly, who wouldn’t be — there are three big steps you can take to make sure your 2019 has a little less snoring and a lot more sleeping.

Invest in a High-Quality Humidifier

If you have yet to invest in a humidifier, you might want to make 2019 the year you finally do it. Humidifiers are devices that, once plugged in, send water vapor into the room in the form of steam, increasing the humidity. This increased humidity is incredibly helpful during dry winter conditions, which can irritate the sinuses and throat.

One very important fact to note when using a humidifier is that it needs to be cleaned often and well, or it could actually make congestion worse. So if you do invest in one, make sure you also invest some time every couple of days to give it a good cleaning.

Add Nasal Strips to Your Bedside Table

Not sleeping well because you’re all stuffed up? Breathe Right strips are for anyone who deals with congestion (whether that congestion is related to allergies, colds, dry conditions, pregnancy, etc.) and is looking for a drug-free way to open their nasal passages. Get ready to experience better breathing and better sleep!

Talk to Your Doc About Your Diet

If you deal with congestion, a stuffy nose, and snoring on the regular, you may want to talk to your doctor about your diet. Food allergies can cause all sorts of symptoms, including congestion, so if you begin to recognize a pattern between certain things you’re eating and difficulty breathing comfortably at night, you may want to consider discussing an elimination diet, or an elimination of certain foods for a period of time to see how your body responds, with a medical professional.

Whether you’re someone who makes New Year’s resolutions or someone who’s simply looking for ways to be the healthiest version of yourself, consider these three simple changes to help kick nasal congestion to the curb!