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What Exactly IS Congestion Anyway?

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Whether it comes from allergies or a cold, congestion is never fun. It can make everyday activities like exercising and sleeping frustrating to say the least, and can often feel like it will never end. If you have chronic congestion, you know it — but what exactly causes it?

What Is Nasal Congestion?

Nasal congestion occurs when the tissues and blood vessels in and around the nose swell up with excess fluid. Sometimes there’s a “discharge” that accompanies congestion (otherwise known as a runny nose), but that’s not always the case.

What Can Cause Nasal Congestion?

Nasal congestion can be caused by virtually anything that irritates the nasal tissues, including dry air, allergies, a cold, a deviated septum, pregnancy, and even stress. While there hasn’t been a lot of research into the symptom of congestion itself, allergies — one of the main reasons people deal with congestion — have been studied quite extensively. An interesting fact around allergies is that in the last couple of decades, more and more people seem to dealing with them, which may mean that congestion is also becoming more common.

How to Ease Nasal Congestion

Sometimes the only way to fully rid yourself of congestion is to deal with the underlying health issue (like treating a cold or allergies), but there are a few treatments that may help ease congestion and post nasal drip (which can co-occur with congestion and is when mucus accumulates in the back of the throat). These include using nasal sprays or saline rinses, avoiding obvious irritants like cigarette smoke or big humidity shifts, and doing your best to thin nasal secretions by drinking plenty of fluids.

Breathe Right Nasal Strips are an effective and completely drug-free way to ease nasal congestion. Once you apply the strip, it helps to open inflamed nasal passages and provides instant relief from nasal congestion commonly caused by colds, allergies, or even a deviated septum. Breathe Right nasal strips open your nose 38 percent more than decongestants alone, and they can be used every night, helping you breathe better and sleep better when you’re suffering from nasal congestion.

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