Sleeping might be the best thing you can do to recover from a cold.1 Getting less than seven hours of sleep a night makes you three times more likely to catch a cold. One to two extra hours of sleep is needed in the winter to feel well-rested, since the colder, shorter days make you feel more tired.

When you’re sick, the lining of your nasal cavities swell with excess fluid, making it difficult to breathe—especially when you’re lying down.2 This, in turn, may cause you to lose sleep and become sleep deprived.2

But, even during cold season, there are things you can do to relieve congestion so you can get the sleep you need.3 Steam can significantly relieve congestion: try drinking a hot beverage, such as non-caffeinated tea, or stand over a steaming pot to help open your nasal passages.4, 5 Other adjustments like sleeping with your head elevated and applying a hot compress under your eyes can help drain the sinuses and relieve sinus pain and pressure.4 Lastly, apply Breathe Right® nasal strips before bed to open up your nose while you sleep.