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5 Apps to Help You Sleep Better

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Feeling tired these days? Join the club. If you could use a better night’s sleep (and couldn’t we all?), sleep apps just might be your solution. Whether it’s helping track your sleep or lulling you into a sound slumber, there are a number of great sleep apps just a download away. Depending on what you’re looking for, there’s generally an app that can help! Here, five options — for better Zzz’s tonight!

Sleep Apps For More Restful Nights

1. Calm

(Available for Apple, Android; free 30 day trial, then $59.99 billed annually).
While you can use Calm to help you meditate, this app is best known for its “Sleep Stories.” These are relaxing tales told in a soft, gentle voice, that can help you drift off.

2. Sleep Cycle

(Available for Apple, Android; free)
No one likes to be woken up from a deep slumber, so that’s where the Sleep Cycle alarm comes in. The app tracks your sleep, so that it knows when to wake you up (during a lighter phase of sleep rather than a deeper one). This way, you’re always waking up on the right side of the bed.

3. Spotify

(Available for Apple, Android; free or premium monthly plan)
You may have downloaded the Spotify app to listen to music, but you can also find white noise and gentle lullabies (Hey, they’re calming for adults, too!). Create your own sleep-inducing playlist, and to avoid commercials (which can wake you up) you’ll probably want to use the premium version of the service.

4. Recolor

(Available for Apple, Android; free)
To relax before bed, it might help to do something mindless, and Recolor could be just the ticket — it’s an “adult coloring book,” but in app form. How it works: The app gives you images (like pop art or landscapes) that you can fill in with your finger, using their color palate. It’s simple, but may put you in that zen-like state, so you’re ready for shuteye.

5. Noisli

(Available for Apple, Android; $1.99)
Calling all white noise fans — if you’re particular about the white noise you listen to, then this app could be a good match. Noisli lets you mix different “sounds” to create a listening environment that’s more personalized to you, to help you unwind or keep you in sleepy state.

And speaking of sleep, in addition to apps, you may also want to consider Breathe Right Nasal Strips. You’ll breathe better, sleep better, and feel better with these drug-free strips, which instantly open your nose for a more restful night's sleep. Yes, please!

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