The Many Benefits of Sleep

Why should you get a good night’s sleep?

There are many reasons why people can’t sleep: stress, finances, noise, and congestion are among them. Allergy sufferers, chronic congestion sufferers, and cold and flu sufferers all indicate a good night’s sleep as a major impact. When you’re tired, it may be hard to function at your best. Read on for more reasons to get a good night’s sleep, every night.

Avoid Accidents

Whether it’s drowsy driving or chopping vegetables when you’re tuckered out, a slip-up may be more likely when you haven’t had a good night’s rest.1

Clear Your Mind

Studies show that lack of sleep impairs your ability to make decisions and concentrate. No wonder a bad night’s sleep can cause that mentally “fuzzy” feeling.2

Lift Your Spirits

Studies have shown a link between a lack of sleep and being in a bad mood.2 Getting at least eight hours of sleep can help you avoid a case of the Mondays every day of the week.

Improve Your Memory

While we sleep, our brains are busy processing our memories from the day. Studies show that sleeping after learning something new increases the chance you’ll remember it.3 So if you’re feeling forgetful, try getting some more sleep.3

Maintain a Healthy Weight

Some people have a hard time maintaining their weight when they don’t get enough sleep. If you’re tired you may skip exercising or cooking healthy meals. When you sleep less, you may experience a drop in the hormone leptin, which can make you feel hungry even when you don’t need to eat.4