Just because you didn’t sleep well last night doesn’t mean today has to be any less productive and enjoyable. Here are six ways you can recover from poor sleep.

1. Forget about last night: Don’t focus on how tired you feel. Instead, try to let go of your frustrations about last night and approach today like any other.

2. Get fresh air and sunlight: Sunlight is the body’s natural cue to wake up.1 The more time you spend catching some natural rays, the more likely you are to feel alert and rejuvenated.

3. Enjoy caffeine in moderation: A little bit of caffeine can help you get going but don’t rely on it to keep you awake.1 And remember, cut off caffeine around 2pm—otherwise it can interfere with your sleep tonight.

4. Stay busy: When your brain is alert, the sleep-promoting area of the brain is inhibited. To stay alert, it helps to avoid getting bored so try alternating between mental and physical tasks throughout the day to stay focused.

5. Avoid sugary foods: Your tired body might crave quick energy—sugar and refined carbs—but it’s best not to give in.1 Instead, have energy-sustaining foods like complex whole grains, protein, and veggies to stay alert.

6. Take a nap: A short 15-20 minute nap can go a long way when it comes to recovering your physical and mental performance after a restless night.1 But just remember, if you nap, try to do it before 3pm.